Life of Glych #77 – The Story of Lump (cont’d)

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This comic took a long time to finish. I had it drawn months ago but depression and anger over the events that transpired over the end of our friendship kept me from finishing it. It is a new year, however, and -with that- we try to develop new habits. So here it is- the end of the Story of Lump. May he never be part of my life again.

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Life of Glych #76 – The Story of Lump (cont’d)

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So, I have to admit, the lump is fun to draw. But that does not negate how things were left in the end. I hope I can do the reality of the situation justice with my cathartic cartooning. Here’s another Lump poem. *ahem*:


The Lying Lump

I know of a manipulative liar, lying on a moor.
He lies all days in moors because he has no place indoors. 
The fire-panted liar, lazing about all day.
Lit his moor afire, lying to it one day.
He pondered over taxes and wondered over fees,
while all the while he was lighting the ground aflame with his knees.
Now he has no place to lie and lump around all day.
The manipulative little liar lied his world away.


Life of Glych #75 – The Story of Lump

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This is the beginning of the end of a friendship, in comic form. Because when you’re hurt, make art. I wrote other poems that won’t make it into comic form, so here is one below. I shall include another with the next page.

The good thing about the end is that it got me to get to making comics again. I’m just sad how things ended, that things ended, and that I let someone take advantage of me for so long. So, to poetry! Enjoy:

Smells Like Lump

I knew a little lump.
Lumping through his day.
He lumped his way to the fridge,
and lumped his way to slay
video game monsters on the Internet all day.
But the little lazy lump,
with his lazy gaming days,
forgot to lump to work, and oops!
He lumped his Internet away
with no monsters left to slay.
So now he yells and cries,
and lumps himself a fit.
But this lazy little lump?
He’s just a piece of shit.
And I am done with it.