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I was painting Metropolis up on the easel for a while, but started laying it down as I was working with more and more water in my acrylics. This is a photo of my studio layout at the time with some of the progress visible. Below is a closer view of that progress. You can start to see the reflected light from the disco lightning ball in the center of the picture, some of the wall, and the outlines coming together. Still a far way to go.


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Monochromatic Roughs

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This is a series of photos of my tracing paper roughs from my sketches. The photos aren’t the best in the world, but they do give you the idea of the overall shapes of the painting. It is a high key painting, meaning that tonally the it is very light. This is due to the lightning, rings, and other flashing lights in the laboratory, making the shadows that are dark pop out of frame, giving the piece depth. My plan to to dull the colors as they recede into the distance to hint at atmospheric interference from the electricity. ¬†Below are some details from the roughs.




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