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A creation…
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Life of Glych: by Amber 'glych' Greenlee

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A creation…



I had given it some thought after a few days and realized that in order for the sword to be solid it would need a structure like the rest Captain T for the clay to hold onto. And thus- the sword has skin!


This is a shot from the back. I has added more foil to some of the tight spots to fill them out as well as worked on the angle of his fingers, tail, ears, and legs to give him more dynamic angles and the illusion of life.


This is a good shot of the profile that hints at the final design. The sword is based on Arabic design because I can’t help but think of adventure when I imagine that part of the world.


This is a fuller profile. T might be able to point his sword a little more forward, but I’m going to have to wait for that after I add some clay and see how he balances.


His arms are comically short, which I think works for the character’s appeal. But T’s the underdog against whomever he is fighting.

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