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Life of Glych: by Amber 'glych' Greenlee

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And from the body…



I hadn’t taken many progress photos between the last set and this one. I basically continued to fill out the body with wire until it was solid enough to cover with tin foil. This is just ordinary tin foil found in any super market. I had only worked with the thick wire and the tin foil at this point in the process so T was pretty flimsy. His arms would bend easily just by touching them and the tin foil wasn’t secure completely around the wire. But his shape was forming.


This is viewing the figure from the back. I had bent his tail up to center the weight more over his feet. At this point his arm was still twisted back. Note the large feet. This is for stability.


Looking at the figure from the side is a lot easier to tell what stance he is in. This is pretty boring at this point and lacks the dynamic shift from later photos. His hand’s shape wasn’t defined at this point. I did not know if he would be pointing or holding a sword. I was worried about the added weight.


A frontal view of Captain T. His stance is pretty stiff at this point but was still malleable. I was able to make him twist more dynamically before the next step. Between this step and the next was several months and a move across town so he went in a box with a bunch of other tools until I found him again in the new city.



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