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These are actual things said to me by professors at school. And,yes, they still haunt me.
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Life of Glych: by Amber 'glych' Greenlee
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Life of Glych #30


Art school took a lot of confidence out of me. While I drew this comic last year, I graduated in 2010 and have struggled with fighting through a lot of discouragement and resentment that arose from my time at MCAD. It’s not thatit was a bad school or that I learned nothing, quite the opposite… But I didn’t have the best experience there and don’t recommend the school to anyone who wants to make friends. I went there to become a better artist; and I did. I did not have the support others did because my parents weren’t wealthy donors like some of my classmates.


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  1. Gary Gough 13/04/30

    To try to quote Kurt Vonnegut, “Beware of the person who has studied hard for an education and finds himself no wiser then before. They are full of murderous resentment for those who have not come by their ignorance the hard way” Bokonnon . Too many educators fall into that group. I’m just very happy that I was already fully hooked on reading SF before they tried to introduce it to me as something to avoid. 🙂

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