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Life of Glych: by Amber 'glych' Greenlee
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Tiny Life of Glych #3


I was privileged to do the Night of 100 Comics Comedy Show at the Universal Bar and Grill last Monday. This was a sketch from the event. It was a wild night. Music, glow-bikes, blood moons, and a countless jokes. A Party with random people shouting into a Mic in the corner. I did 4 minutes on Batman raping repeat thug offenders.

Thank to Ryan Talmo, Chris Putro, Evan Kessler, Jake Luce, Erik Myers, Domenic Padulo, Mikey McKernan, Robert Chambers, Kevin Anderson, Travis Clark, Mae Victoria, Chris Chavez, Camilo Alvear, Andy Sell, Michael James Benson, Joe Bowling, Colleen Love-morgan, Erikka Innes, Brock Wilbur, Derrick Lemos, Ron Swallow, Chrissy Brewster, Amber Glych Greenlee, Vanessa Bardun, Jessica Koucouthakis, Xander Beltran, Chad Ridgely, Alex Davenport, Chad Lurie, Whitney Melton, Comedian Billy Batz, Rivers Langley, Alan Lee, Caitlin Cutt, , Maral Adams, Christopher R Martin, Alycia Marie, Andy Hartley, Kelly McInerney, Denise Vasquez, Andrew Lisa, Paul Laier, Bri Gigér, Nick Thomas, Brent Parris, Sami Sutker, Joe Dungan, Gregory Aram Kashmanian, Michelle March, Kyle Clark, Reza Asgari, Doug Dixon, Ben Gonzalez, Jeremy Toscher, Jeremy Bassett, Thomas Young, Ina Romeo, Erik von Smithberg, Andrew Solmssen, Phil S. Gould, Quincy L. Johnson II, Jeff May, James Dueñas, Erik Escobar, Logan Guntzelman, Frank Nicotero, Perry Kurtz, Gothcomedian Mark White, Aaron Michael Marsh, Keith Carey, Dave Gregory, Adam Feuerberg, Maurice Northup, Nicole Briscoe, Eric DeLuca, Greg Buckman, Bombo Belford, Damian A. Kaner, Rude Morales, Anthony Mojica TxCx, Shannon Bobo, Jamal Prophit P Coleman, Seth Woodward, Tony Bartolone, Lauren Farmer-Wilson, Bob Kitson, BurritoLady Pam, Al Gonzales, Robbie Kirkhuff, Simon Gibson, Jimmy Rhodes, Spencer Richards, Drew Janda, Scott Blacks, Jake Cannon, Greg Edwards, Richie TheC, Dan Schneider, Regan Talleh, Nikki Wantz, Jahnavi Goldstein, Mark Fernandez, Mark Gonzales. An awesome night!

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