Life of Glych #55

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…And thus we view the birth of Captain T. This comic took a long time to upload. If you look at the date of the last few updates and the dates of the drawings there are obvious gaps. Coming up is going to be starting to work through some depression stuff. While I did these comics a long time ago, there hurt to make. I put them in a folder and the folder in a drawer. After moving several states over, changing jobs, and having most of my material possessions in storage I lost track of them. Upon re-discovery I know what I’m going to do with this comic now. Before the vision wasn’t so clear.

Before, I knew I had to make a comic about this stuff but being in the middle of the dark spot I was trying to distract myself with happy colors and jokes (just like real life). The truth of it is I was really broken during this period of time. I no longer am that way but have the strength to write about it now. LOG is about that. Captain T is happier stuff. I’m glad I was able to share it with you here before making it into something bigger.

But the comic’s subject matter might turn towards the dark after I get through these backlog archives… These have to be posted first… Thank you.

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