Tiny Life of Glych #2

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It feels good to make comics again, so I thought I’d capture that moment while I felt it. See the webcam placement for Livestream?

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Metropolis Cam for a limited time!

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Here’s my channel with all current videos.

I’m currently using Livestream to record and post a Metropolis Cam feed as an experiment. While I’ve been posting pictures in the archives of the progress on Metropolis, the videos won’t last forever as I’m only using the free service Livestream offers. It’s a fine service, and one I will pay for when it’s in the budget. Joining up doesn’t cost anything to view my channel or anyone else’s but it is still kind of annoying that you have to sign up to view anything. That being said, the annoyance is worth the content and I understand why they do it as it controls bandwidth allowance a little easier by giving people that one step.

I like the record. It’s also been a learning experience. The earlier videos are a little rougher than the later ones, I think, but only because I’m fumbling with the control panel and feeling out the setup. For example, I’ve been taking breaks about once an hour for 5-10 minutes and play old cartoons, so it’s not even a boring picture of paint drying during that time like the first few videos. I like showing people in real-time how long art really takes to do as well. And it DOES. I try to play good music. You can laugh at my annoyance at Youtube’s advertising model. Tell me how I’m doing. If you’re a fellow artist, constructive criticism is welcome.

So go to the archives and view the photos and check out the videos if you want through signing up for a free account. They’re only going to be available for a month or so and then- poof! They don’t cost you anything if you do. So that’s my pitch. *jazz hands*

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Progress on the left side

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Here’s what I was able to accomplish today. I roughed out the table a bit more, as well as everything on the table, started adding some light colors to the lifted glass ledge the robot is on, some wires, and darkened the edge of the bookcase a bit. Here’s the Livestream recording for the day.


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Roughing in detail

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I recently started updating a Livestream several times a week and worked on Metropolis this week, tracking my progress. You can watch the full video here or just click below to go to the main site.



Click for full view.


Here is a detail pic of some of what we did today. I brought out a lot of the detail in the coat and some in the table as well as behind Rotwang.


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