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…breaths for the first time.
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Life of Glych: by Amber 'glych' Greenlee

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…breaths for the first time.



This is after about a weeks work or so, anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, of adding clay. Because I kept turning him over in my hands the black smeared into the white a bit, but the shape is starting to come together.


This is a pretty good profile shot. The sword is only loosely placed in his hand. The weight is good enough that I can probably point it forward when I get to that point.


This is T from the back. I have not defined any muscle tissue yet, this is just roughing in the black.


From the back he is starting to look like a cat. His feet still seem huge to me though.


The goggles are only roughed in foil at this stage and might be subject to change. They are only placed on the head, not pinned or attached.

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